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Windscreen damage can happen at any time and can be caused by something as small as a pebble hitting the glass as you drive. When you’re faced with a chip or crack, it’s essential to understand the repair process to ensure the safety and integrity of your vehicle. Rapid Response Autoglass in Brisbane specialises in windscreen repairs and replacements, and they’ve shared a step-by-step guide to give you an insight into the process.

Step 1: Damage Assessment

Before any work begins, a specialist will assess the damage to determine the best course of action. Not all windscreen damage can be repaired; if the chip or crack is too large, too deep, or in a critical vision area, a replacement may be necessary. Rapid Response Autoglass technicians will inspect the damage and provide a clear explanation of the options available.

Step 2: Preparation

If the damage is repairable, the area around the chip or crack is cleaned thoroughly. Technicians will remove any debris from the impact point to ensure that the repair resin can bond properly with the glass.

Step 3: Creating a Better Seal

A device called a bridge is attached to the windscreen, encircling the damaged area. This bridge has a suction mechanism that will stabilize the glass and allow for the resin to be injected evenly.

Step 4: Resin Injection

The key to a successful repair is the resin used to fill the crack or chip. Rapid Response Autoglass uses high-quality resins that, when cured, restore the integrity and clarity to the glass. The resin is injected into the damaged area and is then exposed to a UV light to harden.

Step 5: Polishing

After the resin cures, the area is polished to restore the clarity and smoothness of the glass. This step is crucial as it affects not only the appearance but also the strength of the repair.

Step 6: Quality Checks

Once the repair is completed, it’s essential to perform quality checks. Rapid Response Autoglass technicians will inspect the repaired area to ensure the windscreen’s structural integrity is restored. They’ll check for any distortion that may impair the driver’s vision.

Step 7: Advising the Customer

After the work is completed, the technician will provide advice on how to maintain the windscreen and what to expect from the repair over time. They’ll also discuss any warranties provided for the work completed.

Step 8: Paperwork and Payment

Finally, the technician will complete any necessary paperwork, including insurance documents if the repair is being claimed. Payment will be processed, and you’ll be given a receipt that includes a warranty for the repair work.

When to Repair vs. Replace

Understanding when a repair is sufficient and when a windscreen needs to be replaced is part of Rapid Response Autoglass’s expertise. Typically, if a chip is smaller than a coin and not in the driver’s line of vision, it can be repaired. However, larger cracks or damage directly in the line of sight will likely require a replacement.

Why Choose Rapid Response Autoglass

Rapid Response Autoglass has built a reputation in Brisbane for their efficient, transparent, and high-quality service. They are committed to safety, using only the best materials and the latest in windscreen repair technology. Their technicians are highly trained and experienced in dealing with all types of windscreen damage.


Windscreen repairs are more than just an aesthetic fix; they’re crucial for maintaining the safety and functionality of your vehicle. By understanding the repair process, you can have peace of mind knowing what to expect and the importance of each step. Rapid Response Autoglass in Brisbane ensures that this process is handled with care, precision, and customer service excellence, keeping your vehicle safe and you informed every step of the way. Whether you’re dealing with a minor chip or a significant crack, it’s clear that getting professional assistance promptly is the key to maintaining your vehicle’s safety on the road.

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Windscreen Replacement For Cars - Mobile Windscreen Repairs Brisbane

Windscreen Replacement For Cars

In Need of Windscreen Replacement?

Accidents happen and windscreens get cracked, chipped or even completely broken. If you are faced with the need to repair the windshield of your car efficiently and quickly, you need not fret. Our expert team is equipped with the knowledge and the expertise required for doing a flawless job.

Automotive technology and car designs have transformed dramatically over the last decade or so. The installation and replacement of car windscreen have also changed much, meaning that you cannot rely on just anyone to do the job for you. At Rapid Response Autoglass, we provide a multitude of auto glass services from chip repair, windscreen replacement, door glass replacement to rear screen replacements and repairs. No matter what model and year your car is, we provide prompt service that ensures longevity of your windscreen.

We Come To You, Anytime, Anywhere

A broken or cracked windscreen can be a huge detriment to your job and travel, but the biggest problem is that it is not safe. Driving with a cracked windshield can distort your vision, shards of glass can injure you badly at the slightest impact and, therefore, repairing it promptly is so essential. Instead of you lugging your potentially dangerous car over to us for repair, we provide the option of a mobile windscreen replacement service. You can tell us your vehicle’s make and model, and our rapid response team will be immediately dispatched to repair or replace your car windscreen at your home, office or even roadside!

Replacing your car windscreen is important for several reasons:

  1. Safety: A cracked windscreen can reduce visibility while driving, increasing the risk of accidents. A replacement windscreen will restore full visibility, ensuring that you can see the road clearly and stay safe on the road.
  2. Structural integrity: A cracked windscreen can weaken the structural integrity of your vehicle, making it less safe in the event of an accident. A replacement windscreen will ensure that your vehicle is structurally sound, providing greater protection in the event of a collision.
  3. Legal requirements: In many jurisdictions, driving with a cracked windscreen is against the law. A replacement windscreen will ensure that you are in compliance with local laws and regulations, avoiding potential fines or legal issues.
  4. Insurance coverage: Many insurance policies cover the cost of windscreen replacement, so you may be able to get a new windscreen at little or no cost to you.
  5. Resale value: A vehicle with a cracked windscreen is generally worth less than one with a new windscreen. By replacing your windscreen, you can help maintain the value of your vehicle and potentially increase its resale value in the future.
  6. Environmental impact: An old or damaged windscreen can be difficult to recycle, leading to environmental issues. By replacing your windscreen, you can ensure that the old windscreen is properly disposed of and the new windscreen is made from environmentally-friendly materials.

In conclusion, replacing your car windscreen is essential for safety, structural integrity, legal compliance, insurance coverage, resale value, and environmental impact. If you have a cracked or damaged windscreen, consider contacting a professional windscreen replacement service to ensure that your vehicle is safe and roadworthy.

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