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Unexpected Costs of Ignoring a Cracked Windscreen

unexpected costs of ignoring a cracked windscreen - Mobile Windscreen Repairs

Driving around Brisbane with a cracked windscreen might seem like a problem you can put off for another day. However, at Rapid Response Autoglass, we’ve seen first-hand the cascade of unexpected costs that can arise from ignoring this crucial issue. This article unpacks the hidden consequences that can impact not just your wallet, but your safety and legal standing.

Compromised Safety and the Price of Neglect

A windscreen is a vital component of your vehicle’s safety structure, designed to protect you in the event of an accident. Ignoring a crack can lead to catastrophic failure of the windscreen during a collision, resulting in increased risk of injury. The cost of medical bills, lost wages, and personal trauma far exceeds the price of a windscreen repair.

Fines and Legal Fees

In Brisbane, driving with a windscreen that is cracked or otherwise compromised can attract fines under vehicle roadworthiness standards. If a damaged windscreen leads to an accident, you might face more severe legal consequences, including liability claims. The financial burden of fines and legal fees can quickly accumulate, making the cost of ignoring a windscreen crack far more punitive than the cost of a repair or replacement.

Increased Fuel Consumption

A windscreen contributes to the aerodynamic efficiency of your vehicle. A crack can alter the airflow over your vehicle, reducing its aerodynamic performance and, consequently, increasing fuel consumption. Over time, the additional fuel costs add up, further demonstrating that repairing a crack can be a financially prudent decision.

Resale Value Diminishment

A cracked windscreen doesn’t just affect the aesthetics of your car; it also diminishes its value. When it comes time to sell or trade in your vehicle, potential buyers or dealers will likely reduce their offers, citing the need for windscreen repair or replacement. Timely repairs maintain the value of your vehicle, ensuring you get the best possible return on your investment.

Insurance Complications

If your insurance policy covers glass damage, delaying the repair of a windscreen crack could complicate claims. Insurers may argue that the extended damage resulted from neglect, potentially leading to a denial of coverage for the repair. Furthermore, if a windscreen failure results in an accident, insurers may assess higher premiums or deductibles in response to claims, affecting your financial standing long-term.

Repair Costs Escalation

A small chip or crack can quickly escalate into a more significant problem if ignored. Changes in temperature, rough roads, or even the shock from closing a car door can turn a repairable crack into one that requires a full windscreen replacement. Early repairs are invariably more cost-effective than full replacements.

Roadworthy Certificate Rejection

For those selling their vehicle or renewing their registration, a cracked windscreen can result in a roadworthy certificate being denied. This can lead to delays and additional costs in getting your vehicle compliant with road safety regulations.


Ignoring a cracked windscreen is false economy. The initial savings are quickly negated by the raft of potential costs that can arise. At Rapid Response Autoglass in Brisbane, we encourage drivers not to overlook windscreen damage. Our team offers quick, efficient, and cost-effective repairs and replacements, designed to save you from the unexpected financial burdens associated with a compromised windscreen.

Investing in the maintenance of your windscreen is investing in the overall health of your vehicle, your personal safety, and your peace of mind. Before that small crack leads to bigger problems, contact Rapid Response Autoglass for a professional assessment and let us help you avoid the unforeseen costs and risks associated with a damaged windscreen.

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