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Debunking Myths about Cracked Windscreen Repairs

debunking myths about cracked windscreen repairs - Cracked Windscreen Repairs

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, dealing with a cracked windscreen can often lead to a road of misconceptions. At Rapid Response Autoglass in Brisbane, we encounter a myriad of myths surrounding windscreen repairs. It’s time to set the record straight and debunk some of the most common myths, ensuring you have the facts when it comes to the safety and integrity of your vehicle.

Myth 1: A Small Chip in the Windscreen Can Be Ignored

Reality: A small chip might seem insignificant, but it can quickly escalate into a larger crack. Changes in temperature, pressure, or even the car’s natural flexing and vibrations can cause the damage to spread. A chip compromises the windscreen’s structural integrity, and it’s essential to address it immediately.

Myth 2: Windscreen Repairs Are All the Same

Reality: Not all windscreen repairs are created equal. The quality of a repair depends on several factors: the technology and materials used, the skill of the technician, and the conditions under which the repair is done. At Rapid Response Autoglass, we use state-of-the-art resin and the latest in repair technology to ensure a superior fix.

Myth 3: Windscreen Repair Leaves the Glass as Good as New

Reality: While windscreen repair technology has significantly advanced, a repair will not make the windscreen as good as new. Repairs are meant to restore the structural strength and prevent further damage. Although a well-done repair by specialists like Rapid Response Autoglass is often nearly invisible, there may still be minor blemishes where the damage was.

Myth 4: Cracked Windscreen Repairs Take a Long Time

Reality: Many believe that repairing a windscreen is a lengthy process. However, with Rapid Response Autoglass, a standard chip repair can take as little as 30 minutes. Our efficient processes and expert technicians ensure that your vehicle is ready to go in no time.

Myth 5: Windscreen Repairs Are Expensive

Reality: The cost of windscreen repair is generally reasonable, especially compared to a full replacement. In fact, most comprehensive car insurance policies cover windscreen repairs with no excess, recognising the importance of maintaining the windscreen’s integrity.

Myth 6: Any DIY Kit Will Do the Job

Reality: While DIY kits are readily available, they often fall short of a professional repair. Without the proper tools and expertise, a DIY repair can result in further damage or an inadequate fix that doesn’t last. Professional technicians are trained to handle various types of windscreen damage and can ensure the repair is done right.

Myth 7: Repairing a Windscreen Will Invalidate My Warranty

Reality: A common concern is that windscreen repairs might affect the vehicle’s warranty. This is not true; vehicle warranties typically do not get voided by windscreen repairs, especially when done by accredited professionals like Rapid Response Autoglass.

Myth 8: It’s Safer to Replace Than to Repair

Reality: If a windscreen can be safely repaired, then a repair is the best course of action. Replacement is not always safer than repair. In fact, maintaining the original factory seal on your windscreen is preferable if the damage allows for it.

Myth 9: Once Repaired, Windscreens Are More Prone to Damage

Reality: A properly repaired windscreen is not more likely to sustain damage than an unrepaired windscreen. The repair resin used is designed to be as strong as the glass itself, maintaining the integrity of the windscreen over time.

Myth 10: Windscreen Repairs Are Messy and Disruptive

Reality: Modern windscreen repairs by Rapid Response Autoglass are clean, efficient, and often done on-site, whether at your home, office, or on the road. There is minimal disruption to your day, and the process is tidy and swift.


Understanding the facts about windscreen repair is crucial for any vehicle owner. At Rapid Response Autoglass, we ensure our clients in Brisbane are informed and confident in the services we provide. By debunking these myths, we hope to encourage car owners to address windscreen damage promptly and professionally, maintaining their vehicle’s safety and value. If you’re faced with a chip or crack, remember, prompt attention from experts like us can save you time and money in the long run.

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