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Impact of Weather Conditions on Car Windscreen Cracks

impact of weather conditions on car windscreen cracks - Cracked Windscreen Repairs Brisbane

Driving through Brisbane’s varying weather conditions is a true test for any vehicle, particularly when it comes to the durability of its windscreen. From the glaring sun to torrential rains, each element has the potential to turn a small chip into a large crack. Understanding the impact of weather on your car’s windscreen is crucial to maintaining your vehicle’s integrity and safety. Rapid Response Autoglass, Brisbane’s trusted auto glass specialists, sheds light on how weather conditions affect windscreen cracks and what you can do to mitigate the damage.

Heat and the Sun’s Intensity

Brisbane is no stranger to the fierce Australian sun. High temperatures can cause the glass of your windscreen to expand. When there’s a chip or crack, the expansion can put extra pressure on those weakened points, leading to a larger crack. The cabin of a car can become significantly hotter than the outside temperature, exacerbating this effect. Tinting films and parking in the shade can help, but if there’s existing damage, it’s crucial to have it assessed by Rapid Response Autoglass before the heatwave does its work.

Cold Spells and Temperature Fluctuations

Cold weather is less common in Brisbane, but when temperatures do drop, it can cause your windscreen to contract. If there’s a crack, this contraction can make the glass more brittle and the crack more likely to spread. Moreover, the difference in temperature between a heated interior and a cold exterior can put additional stress on the windscreen. It’s advisable to warm the car gradually and avoid pouring hot water on a cold windscreen, as this can lead to sudden expansion and further damage.

Rain and Moisture

Heavy rains, common in Brisbane’s storm season, can be problematic for a cracked windscreen. Water can seep into the crack, weakening the glass and affecting the transparency and structural integrity of the windscreen. In freezing conditions, which are rare but can occur, the water can freeze and expand, worsening the crack. Rapid Response Autoglass can seal the cracks to prevent moisture ingress, but replacement is often the best course of action.

Wind and Debris

Strong winds can carry debris that can strike the windscreen with enough force to cause a chip or crack. If there is already a crack, further impacts can cause it to grow. Driving in high winds requires extra caution, and a comprehensive check for damage afterwards is always a good idea. Vehicles parked outdoors should be in areas where they are less exposed to potential debris.


Brisbane’s weather can sometimes turn furious, bringing hailstorms that can wreak havoc on cars left unprotected. The impact from hail can cause dings, chips, or even shatter a windscreen outright. Rapid Response Autoglass suggests using covered parking or hail covers when storms are forecasted, and having any damage assessed immediately after a storm.

What Can You Do?

Regular Inspections

Regular inspections by professionals like Rapid Response Autoglass can catch small issues before they become big problems. They can advise on whether a repair will suffice or if a replacement is necessary.

Immediate Repairs

If you notice a chip or crack, getting it repaired immediately can prevent weather conditions from making it worse. Rapid Response Autoglass offers quick repairs that can often be done at your location.

Use Protective Measures

Using sunshades, parking away from trees or potential debris, and ensuring your car is sheltered during storms are simple measures to protect your windscreen.

Comprehensive Insurance

Ensure that your car insurance covers windscreen damage. This will allow you to address cracks promptly without worrying about the cost.

The Bottom Line

The weather in Brisbane can significantly impact the health of your car’s windscreen. It’s not just about maintaining visibility but also about ensuring the safety and structural soundness of your vehicle. Rapid Response Autoglass emphasises the importance of addressing windscreen damage as soon as possible to prevent weather conditions from exacerbating the issue. With their expertise, you can ensure that your windscreen is always in top condition, come rain or shine.

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